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Pure Romance Sees 17% Increase In Conversion Rates Using Yottaa

With Yottaa, the relationship-enhancement product retailer decreases page load times and engages customers.

Boston, Mass. September 24, 2014 – Using Yottaa’s software, Pure Romance, the world’s largest in-home party company specializing in relationship-enhancing products, has seen a 44 percent decrease in page load time on its mobile site, which accounts for 50 percent of the brand’s traffic.

Pure Romance Sees 17 Percent Increase in Conversion Rates Using Yottaa Web Optimization

“We needed a better way to deliver a quality experience on both our web and mobile sites,” said Daniel Ashbridge, director of e-commerce and digital marketing at Pure Romance. “Our site must deliver across a variety of devices, locations and connection speeds, but poorly adapted responsive design elements made our mobile site drag. Yottaa allows us to decide what content our customers see and when, resulting in optimized site performance and increased conversion rates. The call from Yottaa came at the right time, and their solutions are perfectly tailored to our customer base.”

Yottaa’s patented solutions – including experience acceleration, application sequencing, security monitoring, and integrated business and IT analytics – immediately improved the customer experience.

Pure Romance’s desktop site employs responsive web design, but the content was not specifically tailored for mobile, and performance suffered as a result. The first major win for Pure Romance was seeing a dramatic improvement in mobile site performance, even on a 3G connection.

“Our goal is to engage our customers in every channel,” added Ashbridge. “This became more difficult because we were completely focused on site speed. Once speed improved, we could shift our focus to creating an engaging mobile shopping experience. With Yottaa’s help, we fixed many issues we wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.”

The Yottaa App Optimization Platform is a SaaS product that monitors and optimizes user engagement to increase conversions and revenue across mobile and web channels. With 15 patents, Yottaa’s proprietary Context Intelligence architecture senses a user’s location, browser, device, Internet connectivity and in-page interaction to sequence application content delivery and rendering.

Using an integrated fabric of patented technologies, Yottaa manages, optimizes and secures digital content, and adds an industry-first technology called Application Sequencing. This technology enables businesses to add priority and order to page fragments to allow businesses the freedom to engage users however they choose without violating IT standards. When these strategies are combined, the result is enhanced performance and a more dynamic, personalized level of engagement that directly translates to increased business performance.

“A business cannot succeed without providing a secure, engaging experience across devices,” said Yottaa co-founder Coach Wei. “We help retail brands offer quality experiences that increase sales by allowing them to manage and optimize their sites without forfeiting rich content.”

About Yottaa

Yottaa provides a leading cloud-based automation platform that enables businesses to optimize end user experience in real time to drive business impact for their online and mobile applications. Yottaa’s patented ContextIntelligenceTM architecture allows businesses to manage, optimize and secure end user experience in real time without requiring any infrastructure or application changes. With on-boarding times as low as 10 days using the Yottaa cloud service, customers typically experience significant, measurable top line and bottom line impact to their businesses and improvements to critical KPIs including Time to First Byte by 67%, Time to Display by 40%, Average Session Duration by 73% and Conversion Rate by 20%.

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