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Pure Romance Optimizes For The Mobile End User

Using Yottaa software, Pure Romance, the world’s largest in-home party company specializing in relationship-enhancing products, has seen a 44 percent decrease in page load time on its mobile site. Sounds great, but why does improved load time really matter for a company like Pure Romance?

Pure Romance
Pure Romance Focuses on End User Optimization:

The answer lies in end-user experience. Pure Romance has achieved impressive growth based on the company’s 20,000 in-home consultants. An in-home Pure Romance party delivers a superb experience to party attendees. When the company looked to leverage online growth channels, it learned this experience was difficult to replicate online. “We needed a better way to deliver a quality experience on both our web and mobile sites,” said Daniel Ashbridge, director of e-commerce and digital marketing at Pure Romance.

Daniel found the right technology to deliver a quality experience with Yottaa’s patented solutions – including experience acceleration, application sequencing, security monitoring, and integrated business and IT analytics.

“Our goal is to engage our customers in every channel,” added Ashbridge. “This became more difficult because we were completely focused on site speed. Once speed improved, we could shift our focus to creating an engaging mobile shopping experience. With Yottaa’s help, we fixed many issues we wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.”

The result: an immediately improved end-user experience across Pure Romance’s online and mobile applications.

Pure Romance Delivers Mobile Optimized Content:

Mobile app optimization was particularly important to Pure Romance because  50% of total traffic comes from mobile users. Previously, Pure Romance’s desktop application employed responsive web design, but the content was not specifically tailored for mobile, and performance suffered as a result. Pure Romance needed a solution to delight users on any device. Through Yottaa, Pure Romance scored a dramatic improvement in mobile application performance, even on a 3G connection: a 44% decrease in load time on its mobile application.

Dan Ashbridge details the transformation, “Our site must deliver across a variety of devices, locations, and connection speeds, but poorly adapted responsive design elements made our mobile site drag. Yottaa allows us to decide what content our customers see and when, resulting in optimized site performance and increased conversion rates.”


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