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Product Update: Granular Issue Definition Reporting


Issue Definitions YottaaIn Yottaa Monitor, ?Issue Definitions? offer users control over which web performance events (like a 404 error or a long page load) are categorized as an ?issue.?  For each issue that’s raised, an alert is sent to a log in the Yottaa Dashboard, as well as in emails or texts per the user’s configuration.

In the most recent version of Yottaa Monitor, users can choose between raising one or multiple issues on a more granular level.  This way, users have greater flexibility in what issues end up in their inbox.  For each issue definition, choose to raise a single issue if the event occurs in multiple locations, or to raise separate issues for each time the event is captured. Now your issues log won?t be jammed with events you care less about, and full of ones you do!


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