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Yottaa Introduces Engagement Cloud: Optimize Mobile & Web Conversions

Leader in mobile and web performance delivers industry-first solution to measure, monitor and optimize user engagement.

Boston – November 20, 2013 – Yottaa Inc., the leader in mobile and web performance, today launches Yottaa Engagement Cloud that maximizes mobile and web success. With its industry-first capabilities and patented technology, Yottaa Engagement Cloud is a purpose-built platform to help businesses optimize user engagement across the wired and wireless web, yielding higher conversions, lower abandonment rate, and more online sales.

Today’s web offers unprecedented opportunities to engage users and grow an online business. But now, browsing increasingly occurs on-the-go, which requires websites to immediately engage users and then focus their attention with an experience that responds to their visitor flow: including the device, browsing context and on-page interactions.

With Yottaa Engagement Cloud, web and mobile businesses have the ability to optimize every engagement, whether it is from a smart phone, tablet, laptop, WIFI or 3G/4G connection. Based on Yottaa’s Context Intelligence Platform, Yottaa Engagement Cloud enables businesses to deliver an exceptional user experience that is personalized and dynamic, with just-in-time content for instant and sustained user engagement.

“User engagement is the key to success for any mobile and web application,” says Yottaa CEO Coach Wei. “However, there is no methodology or solution exists today to help businesses measure and optimize user engagement today. How efficient is your site, how effective is it at fulfilling the needs of your users, and how can you improve your user engagement? Yottaa Engagement Cloud addresses those needs and more.”

Yottaa Engagement Cloud incorporates several product innovations, which include:

Mobile Monitoring – Mobile site owners can now gain critical insights into the mobile user experience with the same powerful features that Yottaa?s desktop monitoring provides, plus mobile-specific last mile network connectivity and device (viewport size, browser, etc.) capabilities.

Mobile Optimization – The only one of its kind, Yottaa optimizations help mobile sites overcome the limited resources and inconsistent bandwidth of mobile devices to maximize user experience. With three specific profiles, Yottaa can optimize visitor contexts via a single product, plan, and workflow – resulting in a powerful consolidation of efforts; saving on development time and human error; and accelerating time to market.

InstantON – The first industry solution for accelerating the delivery of dynamic content, InstantON intelligently breaks a web content item into smaller fragments and re-prioritizes the delivery sequence and timing of each fragment, resulting in an ?InstantON? initial experience while producing smooth and fluid ongoing interactions for sustained user attention.

RapidTag – With RapidTag, Yottaa addresses the performance cost of 3rd party tags by enabling behavioral control of these page elements to improve user experience and eliminate single point of failure. Yottaa maximizes user engagement by allowing users to consume a product/service, before loading social tags to share, analytics to record user activity, and user feedback to collect sentiment data.

Transformer – With the ability to insert, modify, move or remove content from a webpage generally, or in response to visitor context, site owners can optimize content, maximize aesthetics, and deliver compelling experiences for each unique visitor on the fly. They can also eliminate content rendering issues (e.g. flash video for Apple devices) that interfere with customer conversions.

Yottaa Engagement Cloud delivers exceptional mobile and web performance, enables just-in-time content, and minimizes site disruptions. Combined, these accomplishments ensure a personalized, responsive solution that adapts to visitor context and user actions. On average, Yottaa Engagement Cloud has been shown to improve initial user engagement time by 20-40 percent and increase mobile and web conversions by 22 percent.

“We’ve always understood the importance of user engagement, but like many other e-commerce sites, we’ve only been able to address parts of the user engagement process using point solutions such as web analytics, CDN offerings, monitoring services, and even site re-design and development. Yottaa Engagement Cloud is the first solution that ties all the key components together for us in one integrated offering that covers measurement, monitoring and optimization. Now we have a tool that we can use to continuously track and improve our user engagement,” says Justin Potts, CEO of Yankee Retail, regarding the company’s Home Decorating Company website. “In just a few months using Yottaa Engagement Cloud, we’ve realized a 43% acceleration of time to interact  users engage with our site 18% faster than before. We’ve seen a 6% reduction in bounce rate, 8.5% increase in time on site, 16.7% increase in conversion rate, and 5% increase in average order value.”

For more information on Yottaa Engagement Cloud, please visit: /product/product-tour 

About Yottaa
Yottaa, the leader in mobile and web performance, helps businesses optimize every user engagement across devices, browsers and last mile networks. With Yottaa Engagement Cloud, our customers enjoy site-wide performance gains, better visitor experience and higher conversions; protection from service outages, malicious bots and hackers; and breakthrough productivity in web development and operations.

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