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Yottaa Launches CDN For Dynamic Site Acceleration For SMB Market


New Yottaa CDN combines real-time web performance optimization with
patented cloud routing technology to speed up websites and web applications

Boston, MA  February 13, 2012 – Yottaa, Inc., the web performance company, announced today the launch of Yottaa CDN the company’s new content delivery network (CDN) offering. Yottaa CDN offers industry-leading dynamic site acceleration (DSA) features at a fraction of the cost of other CDNs.

Yottaa CDN’s integration with Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer makes it significantly easier to enable than other CDN implementations and ensures significantly faster site load times. Yottaa CDN keeps today’s modern web in mind while offering businesses of all sizes a solution that dramatically accelerates both the delivery and execution of data content from their website. Yottaa’s CDN features the company’s patented cloud-routing technology, backed by a global infrastructure and automated real-time front-end optimization. The result is dramatically reduced page load times, even for highly distributed websites.

While all CDNs accelerate delivery, Yottaa CDN intelligently optimizes website content as it is both delivered and executed. As content execution accounts for an increasingly large percentage of page load times for modern websites, deploying Yottaa CDN can significantly improve site performance and user experience. Is a hybrid cloud network stretching across more than 20 data centers worldwide and features content optimization, static and dynamic caching, and continuous learning?

“Over 75,000 websites already benefit from Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer and Yottaa Website Monitor. The addition of Yottaa CDN further reinforces Yottaa’s mission to maximize speed, uptime, and operations for every website,” said Yottaa CEO Coach Wei. “Today’s Internet users demand that websites load quickly on any device, anywhere in the world. Whether your website visitors are in Sydney, Seattle, or Frankfurt, with Yottaa CDN they will experience page load times that were once impossible except for a handful of Global 500 websites.”

“Yottaa CDN is designed to accelerate modern websites and web applications,” Wei continued. “The first CDNs were launched 15 years ago to solve relatively simple latency problems, and they have not kept pace with the rapid changes to the nature of the web. Web pages today are increasingly complex; they have essentially distributed applications that span across the Internet, often requiring more than 100 round trips to distant servers and third-party domains. By combining patented cloud routing technology and real-time front-end optimization, Yottaa CDN adds the missing layer of intelligence to the Web. The result is websites that are 80 percent faster and far more resilient.”

Steve Rushton, Co-Founder of Net Effect, a leading UK-based provider of online solutions for small and medium-sized travel businesses, said: “When we started with Yottaa, we gave them two of our slowest ‘problem child’ sites. After turning on Yottaa CDN and Site Speed Optimizer, those same sites are now our fastest around the globe. There were no hardware or coding changes, but we’re now able to deliver a faster more consistent user experience for our clients.”

Yottaa CDN is available now. Pricing and availability can be found at /merchant-integration-pricing.

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