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Website Performance Snapshot

Receive a PDF detailing how fast your site is currently loading and a breakout of the digital elements that might be slowing it down.

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Yottaa Improves Site Performance

Shoppers have a need for speed

Due to the complexity of today’s eCommerce sites, the average online shopper has a 50% chance of visiting a slow loading page. Inconsistent page load times often result in shoppers abruptly ending their sessions, which lowers conversions and leaves negative consumer impressions of a brand.

Shoppers Won’t Wait

90% of consumers say they have left an eCommerce site because it did not load in the time expected.

You Only Get 3 Seconds

It may not seem like a lot of time, but 66% of shoppers will leave an eCommerce site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

Don’t Help Your Enemy

57% of shoppers say they have left a slow eCommerce site and then bought from a competing brand.

eCommerce Site Performance Snapshot

  • See how fast your site is performing
  • Get an overview of all the digital elements on your page
  • Discover how many 3rd parties are on your site
  • Learn how 3rd parties can impact site performance
  • See how your site compares to your competitors
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