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Last updated on December 14th, 2015

SmileyCookie Increases E-Commerce Revenues and Improves Magento Site Availability with Yottaa’s Website Optimization Service

Boston, MA – April 17, 2012 – Yottaa, Inc. , the web performance company, announced substantial results for SmileyCookie.com, an online retailer of world famous sugar cookies. Since partnering with Yottaa, SmileyCookie has seen an increase in e-commerce revenue overall due to faster website speed. SmileyCookie.com is built on the Magento e-commerce platform and now loads faster for all visitors because of Yottaa Optimizer.

SmileyCookie selected Yottaa to address two important and ongoing requirements. First, as an e-commerce business, SmileyCookie is especially sensitive to poor web performance. Any money spent to attract customers could be seen as wasted when visitor bounce rates are high and times-on-site are low. Second, while Magento is the platform of choice for thousands of e-commerce site owners, its architecture presents several basic performance challenges.

After implementing Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer, SmileyCookie increased its average order size by 18%; the ‘time-on-site’ of its visitors rose by 30%; and the site’s bounce rate decreased by 10%. All occurred while the site maintained fast and reliable performance even during massive traffic spikes triggered by the company’s marketing and PR efforts.

An example of one such traffic spike occurred when SmileyCookie launched a campaign on LivingSocial.com, a social coupon website. The campaign was a huge success, bringing over 100x the normal level of visitors to SmileyCookie.com. Yottaa’s website protection service automatically scaled to meet the increased traffic and prevented the SmileyCookie website from crashing or slowing down.

“We selected Yottaa because it accelerates user experience and protects our online brand,” said Adam Golomb, Director of E-Commerce at SmileyCookie.com. “With Yottaa, SmileyCookie.com was instantly faster for all visitors. We’ve seen an overall increase in e-commerce revenue that we attribute to those faster site speeds.”

“Today’s SMB online retailers can’t afford a missed revenue opportunity. Slow site speeds result in higher bounce rates and potential customer loss,” said Coach Wei, CEO, Yottaa. “While Magento is a wonderful, fast growing ecommerce platform that has created a great community of small business users, it doesn’t have the capability to handle the unforeseen traffic spikes and the rich marketing content that’s now common on e-commerce sites. Yottaa’s service helps e-commerce companies convert more customers and improve their SEO and experience less website downtime.”

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