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Nonprofit Website Built On Drupal Selects Yottaa For Web Acceleration

The Center for Non-Violent Communication (CNVC) Increases Member Participation and Improves Performance by 300 Percent with Yottaa’s Site Speed Optimizer

Boston – July 16, 2012 – Yottaa, Inc., the cloud performance and security company, announced today substantial results for The Center for Non-Violent Communications (, a global nonprofit organization that serves as a nexus for knowledge and resources about the principles of Non-Violent Communication. Since partnering with Yottaa, has seen its site speed in India and other regions increase by more than 300 percent, as well as experience significant site speed improvements in the United States.

CNVC built its core site on Drupal, which offers a host of advantages in terms of managing content in a fast and easy manner. The site’s deep resources encourage the organization’s membership to use it on a daily basis for all sorts of tasks, including finding information, managing donations, purchasing CNVC-branded products, coordinating local meetings, and even sharing tips and resources.

Helping Drupal Operate at its Best

Drupal’s flexible architecture also led to the site becoming slow and, for many international members, nearly unusable. That’s why CNVC implemented Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer. The faster load times mean the site can truly achieve its goal and help the organization engage with users globally.

“We selected Yottaa because it was the most cost-effective solution that guaranteed accelerated access and delivery of our website to users, regardless of their geographic location,” said Pan Vera, systems coordinator, “With Yottaa, was instantly faster for all visitors. Our site has tripled in speed and we now feel confident that our members get access to all the information they need in real-time.”

Drupal is a powerful and popular open-source content management system (CMS). Performance tuning, scaling and securing Drupal sites, however, requires considerable technical skill, time, and investment. If Drupal sites are not designed to scale, they become slow or even go down in the event of traffic spikes.

“Today’s online SMB’s and especially nonprofit organizations where money is spent carefully can’t afford to have poor web performance. Slow site speeds result in higher bounce rates and potential customer loss,” said Yottaa CEO Coach Wei. “Like any content management system, Drupal has its share of performance, scaling and security challenges that conspire to slow down or crash a website. The benefits CNVC has seen are open to all users of Drupal, helping improve visitors’ web experience regardless of their geographic location.”

Site Speed Optimizer: Making Sites Fast, Reliable, Scalable and Secure

Yottaa provides a set of integrated cloud services that automatically make Drupal sites fast, reliable, scalable and secure 24/7. Yottaa Site Speed Optimizer not only improves website speed and web application performance, but also dramatically accelerates both the delivery and execution of web pages. Yottaa?s innovative approach to web performance optimization ensures a consistently fast user experience regardless of where a site visitor may be, which technologies the primary web server is running, or what code makes up the web pages. Combined with integrated content delivery networks (CDN), Yottaa offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-adopt service, and is ideal for more dynamic sites that pull content from every corner of the Internet.

About Yottaa

Trusted by over 85,000 websites, Yottaa’s all-in-one web optimization solution delivers speed, scale, security and actionable insight for any website. Our customers enjoy site-wide performance gains, better visitor experience and higher conversions; and protection from service outages, malicious bots and hackers.

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