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New Yottaa eComet Plugin: Sign Up to Be a Beta Tester!


Yottaa is launching a new plugin for Miva Merchant, Magento, and Drupal users.

Currently in beta, Yottaa eComet integrates Yottaa Site Optimizer into your chosen platform?s admin panel, for an easy way to speed up your page load times, lower cart abandonment and create higher conversion rates and user engagement.

We’re offering Yottaa users exclusive first access to the plugin beta, plus the next two months of your Yottaa Site Optimizer free for signing up.

In addition to integrating all of your current Site Optimizer automation, Yottaa eComet offers exclusive new features, including:

  • Smart cache management detecting every time your website content changes and automatically updating the stored version on our CDN
  • Asynchronous personalization separates non-cacheable elements from static elements on dynamic pages to speed up page load times
  • Full site administration from within your admin panel

The Yottaa team is here to help you enable your plugin. All you need to do is register as a beta user online and we’ll be in touch to get you started! To learn more about the beta testing process and to sign up to be a user, choose your platform:

Yottaa eComet for Miva Merchant 

Yottaa eComet for Magento

Yottaa eComet for Drupal 



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