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New iPad Web Browser Speed Test

At Yottaa we love the Web.  We live for it.  And as a result of our affections, we also love playing with any innovative new tools that access the Web, like browsers and mobile devices.

The ?New iPad? arrived at our Boston office today.  The delivery person said ?everyone who gets this box has a giant smile on.?  We were no different.  Everyone at the office jumped at the chance to test the speed of the Safari browser on the new iPad.

The new iPad has an incredible “Retina” display with264 pixels per inch, and we wanted to know how do all of those pixels affect the display of a web page.  Has Apple tuned the WiFi hardware and configuration? Does the new A5x chip and 1GB of RAM built in for applications.  So we set up a test, admittedly unscientific, much like that last one we did to test the web performance of 12 devices.

The Test

We setup a test bench with the ?New iPad? (aka 3rd generation), a 1st generation iPad, an iPhone 4s, and a Samsung Galaxy S II.

Yottaa Web Browser Performance Test

We cleared the browser caches and histories on all the devices, disabled cellular data to utilize Yottaa?s WiFi network, and visited the ?Full Web? (non-mobile) version of The New York Times.

The Results


Device Average of 2 Tests
Samsung Galaxy II S 10.7 Seconds
iPhone 4S 7.2 Seconds
iPad (1st Generation) 13.2 Seconds
new iPad (3rd Generation) 5.6 Seconds

The new iPad is the clear winner in this speed test.  In this unscientific test, we can see that Apple is delivering on the promise of a faster Web browsing experience on the latest iPad.

What about you?  What mobile devices do you use to browse the Web?

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