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[Infographic] Website Performance Metrics 101


Performance Metrics 101 ThumbnailYottaa’s global network of real browsers tests and monitors hundreds of thousands of websites and mobile apps. A couple of weeks ago, we took a sample of 14,000 recently-tested sites (spanning a broad range of brands, industry sectors, and traffic ranks), and carried out some statistical analysis of the metrics related to the user experience, site performance, and content complexity. Among other things, we wanted to explore how fast websites load, how rich they are in content, and the relationship between content and user experience. The results are illustrated below.

[Infographic] Performance Metrics 101: Know Your Website Front to Back

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  1. The average webpage has 59 assets (images, CSS files, 3rd party plugins, etc.)
  2. A 1-second page load delay drops your conversion rate by 7% ?Tweet?
  3. 90% of a webpage’s load time happens on front-end execution ?Tweet?
  4. The average webpage size is 1.1MB ?Tweet?
  5. Typical back-end performance (time to last byte) for a website is only 0.8s! ?Tweet?


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