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Handle Traffic Spikes With Ease – VPS and Shared Hosting

Many small business websites run on VPS or shared hosting infrastructure. The issue with VPS or shared hosting is …that it is VPS or shared hosting. The lack of a robust scalable infrastructure can be crippling, often causing site crashes under load.

Not anymore.

Yottaa can help you scale your VPS or shared hosted site by at least one order of magnitude.

Below is an example of a Yottaa customer whose site run on VPS. Its traffic on Feb 6th soared by almost 10X. However,  most of the traffic spikes are absorbed by the Yottaa network, a global network of over 20 data centers that is built to scale and perform (shown as the purple line and orange line). The load on the customer’s web server remains almost constant (shown as the blue line).

 Smooth Handling Traffic Spikes - 90%+ Offloaded to the Yottaa Network

Do you have sites run on VPS or shared hosting? Yottaa is here to help.  It is time to perform and scale like the Internet giants. Yes, you can.

Don’t let slow site performance cost you conversions.Let's Talk