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2013 05 22 is the main company site and eCommerce portal for LifeProof, a company that  designs, manufactures and markets elegant cases for Smartphones and Tablets that offer protection and full functionality in water, mud, dirt, or snow.  

What the Website Does 

The site houses full information on the company?s products, including extensive video and interactive imagery displaying the capabilities of the smartphone and tablet cases.  The site also features a community portal where customers post photo and video content captured with the smartphones and tablets they have protected with LifeProof cases. Finally, the site has an eCommerce shop selling all of the company?s cases plus products from other brands that complement the LifeProof cases? functionality.

Biggest website challenge

The biggest website challenge LifeProof has faced was scaling the website infrastructure to keep up with rapid growth in website traffic.  In 2012 the team upgraded from a single server to a system with multiple web and database servers, but the change was scarcely enough: they were back in the area of concern due to a traffic spike from an email campaign just weeks after the upgrade.

Yottaa Impact

LifeProof selected Yottaa Site Optimizer for web acceleration service.  Yottaa offloads 96% of LifeProof?s traffic to the Yottaa network, leaving origin servers open to operate at full performance even during traffic spikes.

Additionally, Yottaa?s front-end optimization techniques speed up the load time of pages throughout the site by 28%.  The speed gains are especially pronounced for international visitors and those on mobile devices ? two major sources of traffic.

2013 05 22 1442The home page fully displays in under 3 seconds around the world

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