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32% Improvement in Average Page Load Time
Reduced Page Load Time from 5 to 3 Seconds
Higher Conversion Due to Faster Page Loads

“Our average site speed improved dramatically”


Briogeo is a clean and conscious hair care brand for all hair types and textures. In preparations for the holidays, BVA, Briogeo’s digital commerce agency, recommended a full audit of the brand’s site performance with a goal of improving speed and overall user experience across all devices. Going into this project, success criteria had been set to an overall site performance improvement of 20%, which would lower the average page load time to 3 seconds.


After a thorough audit of all the digital elements that might be impacting Briogeo’s site performance, BVA recommended that the brand implement RAPID CTRL, Yottaa’s acceleration technology. During its trial with Yottaa, Briogeo saw a 32% improvement in overall site performance, reducing page load time from 5 to 3 seconds. With its site fully optimized for speed, Briogeo is ready for a successful and prosperous holiday season.

“After implementing Yottaa’s RAPID CTRL, our average site speed improved dramatically and now provides a superior shopper experience. We anticipate that this will result in higher conversions.”


Chauncey Twine, Vice President of eCommerce, Briogeo
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