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Customer Centricity & Contextual Relevance: October Product Updates

As we approach the end of 2014, many businesses are taking stock of their performance over the past year, and planning initiatives for 2015.  For any business with a digital presence, this will likely include four major elements: Customer Centricity, Cloud Delivery, Responsible Analytics and Contextual Relevance.


  1. Customer Centricity – we live and compete in the age of the customer, where the balance of power is squarely on the desk or in the hands of the customer, which forces businesses to gain/maintain insight into how to best engage customers with technology and content
  2. Cloud Delivery – mobile technology and the pace of end user mobile adoption is forcing businesses to overcome their fears and biases against public cloud services and embrace a centralized cloud management architecture to deliver what some analysts are calling “webscale IT” (if this makes you think of Xtranormal…good!)
  3. Responsible Analytics – we’re a bit beyond the unrealistic hype surrounding Big Data Analytics, but businesses are realizing tangible business benefits by making use of the wealth of data already available to them to draw insights from across the organization
  4. Contextualized EVERYTHING – the insights and actionable initiatives that are output by the previous three initiatives will result in content, experiences and even application logic being contextually aware, with end user conversion making fit-for-purpose and also fit-for-the-moment engagement imperatives

Yottaa October Product Release Highlights

Yottaa’s latest ContextIntelligenceTM platform enhancements improve how online businesses can leverage our service as the cornerstone of their business technology strategy and implementation.

Performance as a Service: Enhancements to InstantONTM

Yottaa’s InstantON technology has been enhanced, allowing any dynamic page to be delivered and rendered immediately. Yottaa now allows any dynamic element to be separated from the static elements on the page, allowing Yottaa to cache an optimized, static version of that page with placeholders inserted in the place of the dynamic content.  Read our documentation for more information on using InstantON.

Secure User Engagement: Layer 4-7 Request Redirects and JavaScript Security Challenge

Yottaa’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) supports layer 4-7 traffic filtering, and now includes redirect capabilities as well. This feature controls access to your site or online app by channel, device type, geography, and request URL among other factors, and can be especially useful to improve usability, and in scheduled maintenance scenarios. For more information on configuring redirect rules, contact Yottaa Professional Services.

We have further extended Yottaa’s ability to secure your site, ensure a consistent user experience, and improve attribution analytics with a JavaScript challenge feature. When your site is targeted by robot traffic, it can impact performance sitewide and skew attribution results. With our JavaScript challenge feature, visitor traffic is challenged to verify it is a real visitor before being allowed further access to site resources. For more information on configuring a JavaScript challenge, contact Yottaa Professional Services.

Impact through Analytics: Availability Monitoring and Enhanced Monitoring Schedules

Site availability is a critical SLA metric, and a cornerstone for the perception of quality and trustworthiness for any site. The impact of downtime on revenues and customer loyalty is severe – Gartner averages this at $5,600 per minute (well over $300K per hour) with comparative research putting the range between $140K to $540K per hour.

Yottaa ensures that every site is automatically configured with an availability monitor to ensure that you meet and exceed high availability SLAs by supporting 99.999% (“five nines”) guarantees. Unattended monitoring, historical trending, and the ability to triage and troubleshoot issues are critical to optimizing site performance. Yottaa has also added the ability to configure chronological monitoring for web monitors. This ensures you can monitor and analyze end-user experience and device, location, network connectivity, and URL performance on custom schedules to capture hard-to-find performance anomalies and otherwise customize your view of historical site performance.

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Maximizing the business impact of your online and mobile apps requires focus and a well-articulated strategy. Whether your business is focused on a mobile-first or customer-first methodology, realizing significant ROI from your digital initiatives starts with identifying goals and following a repeatable process.


Yottaa ImpactAnalyticsTM ensures you maximize the ROI our automated optimization service provides. During your onboarding process, Yottaa’s Client Services team evaluates your application’s quality – including the Quality of Delivery, Quality of Experience, and Quality of Service – and works with you to set goals and KPIs to track your success. As Yottaa optimizes every user experience, we measure our impact along three critical axes:

  • Performance – the speed in which your content is presented and users are transitioned through their digital journey
  • Engagement – the resulting changes in user behavior that are observed and tracked through KPIs like decreased Bounce and Abandonment rates, increased Time on Site, and Avg. Session Duration
  • Impact – the endgame is increased revenue, with leading metric indicators including eCommerce Conversion Rate, Goal Completions, and Advertising Impressions

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