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Providing insight to help eCommerce brands through the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are living in unprecedented times. As the situation progresses, each day brings unexpected changes, and many retailers are focused solely on weathering the storm. However, eCommerce is pressing on, and online brands must prepare quickly, adjust constantly, and be there for their shoppers.

Because  YOTTAA optimizes over 1,500 eCommerce sites, we have deep insight into how our customers are adapting to rapidly changing retail conditions due to the global coronavirus outbreak. Here is some feedback from our customers based on our conversations with them over the last couple of weeks:

It’s a digital world

Stores are closing, and digital teams are responsible for driving the lion’s share of revenue in the coming months. IT will not be focused on in-store technologies. The goal is to provide the best online shopping experience.

‘Tis the season

Many retailers have an abundance of seasonal products in stores that they need to sell before moving on to summer items. Act quickly to sell them online before getting stuck with a glut of off-season inventory.

Kick it to the curb

With shipping delays, large in-store inventories, and consumers who aren’t going into stores to buy products, many retailers are moving to a “buy online and pick up outside the store” model.

COVID-19 Addendum

Because of the massive disruptions to retailers due to the coronavirus crisis, we have decided to re-poll the original eCommerce leaders, creating an addendum to the original report. In this report, you’ll find out how brands have been impacted by the pandemic and how leaders are shifting focus in order to adapt to the new reality of commerce.

In this report, you will learn:

  • What’s happening to eCommerce traffic
  • How brands plan to make up for lost brick & mortar sales
  • Industries seeing the most traffic increase
  • Top 3 areas of investment for retailers
  • And more!

One thing is clear from the results: consumer behavior has officially changed forever, and every retailer needs to understand that the future is here — and it’s digital.

Download the report

RSR Consumer Report: Early Effects of COVID-19 on Online Shopping

In the wake of this pandemic, Retail Systems Research (RSR) has conducted a survey of 1,100 shoppers on how COVID-19 will affect their online shopping behaviors. 

Findings include:

  • How the Coronavirus outbreak will affect how often people are shopping online
  • Top 3 things that will make shopping online more difficult
  • How shoppers feel about going into brick & mortar stores
  • Amazon vs. Retailers: Where shoppers would rather go

The results of this survey provide some clarity for retailers during such uncertain times, and support that this is an opportunity for online brands to shine while helping consumers through quarantine. 


Download the report

8 Tips to Help eCommerce Brands Through COVID-19

In this article, YOTTAA CTO and Co-founder, Bob Buffone, shares steps eCommerce brands should be taking during these shaky times. 

From our own customer base of over 1,500 eCommerce sites, we are seeing trends such as spikes in traffic, running remote operations, and back-up plan development just to name a few. 

Are you doing everything you can to set your brand up for success during this pandemic? Take a look at the full list to see how many boxes you can check. 



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Online Traffic Trends Update

Here are some of the traffic patterns we are seeing in our customer base of over 1,500 eCommerce sites:

  • Health & Wellness: 600% traffic spike (graph A)
  • Home Improvement: 200% traffic increase, climbing towards 300% (graph B)
  • Crafting: Holiday levels of traffic

This area of the Survival Guide will be updated on a consistent basis.

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