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Be Yottaarific


What is Yottaa?

Two words: UX (User Experience) and cloudInno (Cloud Innovation)

Yottaa is focused on building a better user experience through innovative cloud solutions – we want to make Internet User Experience “yottaarific” and we are doing so by innovating at the forefront of cloud computing.

Not clear? Let me explain a bit more:

  • UX (User Experience) – Back in 2000 I was compelled by a vision for a richer web beyond the document-centric HTML “click and reload” model. So I left my role at EMC to start Nexaweb , a pioneer in Ajax and Rich Internet Application technology to begin my journey. Fast forward to 2009 when I founded Yottaa and the idea of “a better Internet experience” became the driving focus for what we would build. Here I was again focused on striving to evolve user experience again, though tackling totally different problems from a totally different perspective
  • cloudInno (Cloud Innovation) – Today numerous exciting things are happening “in the cloud”: Amazon EC2, Hadoop, MongoDB, Microsoft Azure and Google AppEngine to name a few. However to me the most exciting things are not ?in the cloud?, but “on the cloud” – meaning those innovations that are enabled by cloud computing. There are tremendous disruptive innovation possibilities unleashed by the power of cloud computing and here at Yottaa we have been busy working on some of them.

We started Yottaa in 2009 and since then it has been a very busy, but very fun ride:


Boy, what a crazy day
Boy, what a crazy day!
Lunch and Learn
Lunch and Learn
cookie fashion show
Two cookies?
Hmm, Duck?


Here at Yottaa we are very excited about the upcoming release of the public Beta for our initial product offering, yottaa Insight is an open data, free service that allows users to monitor, measure and analyze web performance. Below is a screen shot:

yottaa Insight screen shot


Please give it a try and let us know what you think – there are a few bugs and we have a good list of features we want to enhance, but nothing beats real feedback from real users.

Let’s be yottaarific!

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