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Application Performance Trends: May 3, 2015

Didn’t have time to catch the latest web and mobile application trends this week? Not a problem! We have all the latest stories for you here in one convenient place!

This week, we discussed how retailers must prepare web applications for big eCommerce launches and a new way to measure performance that ensures better customer experiences. We also analyzed what companies deliver great online retail experiences and learned about 4 solutions to help improve slow web and mobile applications. You can find summaries and links to this week’s articles in the content below! So grab some coffee and Happy Reading!

‘Lilly for Target’ Misses a Bullseye on eCommerce Website Performance

Target’s new product line “Lilly for Target” was a huge success. As a matter of fact, it was a little too successful. Target’s web application was paralyzed during the launch due to an overwhelming amount of online shoppers.

Introducing: Retail Madness and the Customer Experience Index

Yottaa put together a tournament pitting some of the top U.S. retailers against one another in terms of who delivers the best user experience.

App Performance Tournament Wrap Up: Inside Great Online Retail Experiences

Following the “Retail Madness Tournament”, we at Yottaa examined the CXi rankings of retailers against a “pure performance”.

Experts Talk Slow Application Performance: 4 Solutions To Help You Today

Application performance is of the utmost importance. See what the experts say are the 4 solutions to improving application speed, and overall application performance.

We hope you enjoy reading and found this week’s articles helpful!  Get a jump on your application performance with our Free EBook: 5 Proven (& Often Ignored) Tactics That Increase Conversion Rates for eCommerce.

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