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9 Tips for Benchmarking Web Performance [eBook Preview]

“Are we faster than our competitors?”
This is one of the first questions that arises i
n any discussion about web performance. Knowing how your site stacks up against the field is key information for formulating a web performance strategy – and seeing positive results after implementation.This 24 page eBook presents 9 key tips for getting the most out of performance benchmarking. It includes:

  • Tips for selecting pages to benchmark (hint: it’s not just your immediate competitors)
  • How to analyze the data far beyond the high-level page speed metrics, right down to individual page assets
  • How to turn analysis into actionable plans for performance optimization
  • Links to other resources for contextualizing your page performance against web-wide averages
Here’s a preview:

You’ll find tips for setting up and executing a performance benchmark (and getting quality data on your first try!):

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You’ll find out how to “read” performance benchmarking data:

You’ll also learn tips on how to go below the surface of the benchmark and discover trends about your site and your competitor sites.

Are you ready to find out how your site compares to the competition? Download 9 Tips for Benchmarking Your Web performance and get started! 
















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