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7 Mind Blowing Stats About The Future of Mobile

Mobile marketing is currently in a golden era, with smartphone ownership and app usage sharply on the rise. If you have yet to shift your eCommerce strategy to a mobile-based approach, the following impressive statistics regarding the future of mobile may convince you to rethink your game plan:

Mobile Growth

Already, 91 percent of the United States population enjoys cell phone access, with 61 percent of these individuals utilizing smart phones. (Tweet This Stat)

This former proportion of mobile device users is only expected to increase as formerly reluctant cell phone owners realize just how useful a smart phone can be. Additionally, a growing share of future mobile users are expected to own more than one device.

The Switch From Desktop to Mobile

Forecasts for 2015 indicate that a shocking 1 billion smart phones will be sold by the end of the year; this is double the number of expected sales for desktop computers. (Tweet This Stat)

Desktop computers are still be useful in some contexts, but a greater share of online tasks are now being carried out via mobile devices. In today’s fast-paced world, consumers are choosing to purchase smart phones instead of PCs.

More People Paying For Apps

46 percent of mobile device users who download apps report that they have paid for them. (Tweet This Stat)

If you are concerned user numbers for your native app, you shouldn’t be. Almost half of smartphone users have paid to download a native mobile application.

Cross-Device Retargeting

Marketers have already begun to embrace cross-device retargeting, which utilizes data from previous mobile activity, such as searches and app usage. (Tweet This)

The efficacy of retargeting should continue to improve in coming years, as the prevalence of cross-device strategies continue to rise.

Marketing experts are pointing to retargeting as a major trend that will shape the future of mobile usage.

Mobile Ads on the Rise

This shift is especially evident on Facebook, where mobile ads now account for 59 percent of the site’s overall revenue. (Tweet This Stat!)

Mobile ads make up an increasing share of advertising revenue.

Facebook’s mobile revenue share is expected to continue to grow, as more and more users shift their updates and browsing to mobile devices.

Increasing Mobile Website Strategies

40% of shoppers check an average of three channels before making a final decision. (Tweet This Stat)

Shoppers continue to expand their use of multiple device strategies to complete online purchases. New approaches to shopping, such as consulting several channels, create both significant challenges and opportunities for marketers tuned into the future of mobile.

Content Personalization

There are currently 10 billion mobile devices in use globally, or 1.4 devices per person. (Tweet This Stat!)

As more and more individuals switch to mobile, the importance of personalization continues to increase. Shoppers tend to respond positively to sites that make them feel like valued individuals. Marketers can take advantage of this by personalizing content to reflect the wants and needs of their sites’ target consumers.

The explosive growth in mobile is only expected to continue. At this point, any business that fails to take advantage of the mobile landscape is truly doing itself a disservice. Now is the time to harness the opportunities afforded by mobile commerce — and reap the rewards!

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