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6 Stats To Convince Your Manager to Invest in Mobile Optimization

Today’s world is an increasingly mobile one, with 1.2 billion people accessing the web from smart phones and tablet computers on a regular basis. If your company’s mobile efforts are lacking, the end result could be losing a step on your competitors. If your boss or colleague, whether its the CEO, CFO, CMO, or other leader, is hesitant to invest in a full mobile design and optimization initiative, be sure to highlight these compelling stats:

1. Increased Reach

“51% of time spent online by U.S. adults is on mobile devices, nearly 3 hours per day.” (via KPCB)

Simply put, your addressable audience is on mobile. If you want to maintain and grow your brand’s reach over time, you must shift focus from a desktop-first approach to a mobile-first approach. That’s what your users are doing, after all.  

It is not wise, however, to rely solely on mobile, as shown by an increased number of businesses pursuing a more varied omni-channel approach to their retail endeavors. The solution, then, is excellence across all mediums — including mobile.

2. Generate More Organic Website Traffic via Search

“50 percent of all local searches are done via a mobile device as their primary method of searching online.” (Tweet This)

Mobile optimization efforts are nearly always followed by increased traffic, and with good reason. Not only are half of internet searches completed via mobile device, half of users admit that their devices serve as their primary tools for accessing the web. Mobile SEO, therefore, is a key consideration: mobile performance and mobile-friendly design are key factors in SEO, beyond the site content that has traditionally driven pagerank. Basically, even if you’ve invested heavily in traditional SEO optimization in the past, your mobile presence still has to be on point in order to be seen by all those mobile searchers.

3. Better Brand Opinion

“61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience.” (Tweet This)

Simply possessing a mobile setup is not good enough. In order to benefit from the mobile boom, businesses must have well-functioning sites and applications. This is beneficial for Omni Channel optimization, as a good mobile experience will also increase chances of a later in-store purchase.

4. Increased Chance of Purchase

“50% of mobile searchers intend to make a purchase immediately or that day.” (Tweet This)

If a consumer finds it easy to navigate a mobile site, he or she is far more likely to stick around long enough to make a purchase. A Telmetrics study has revealed that half of visitors intend to make purchases immediately or soon after stopping by a website, so it’s important to capitalize on this quick purchase tendency with an optimized mobile site.

5. Reach Local Traffic

95 percent of smart phone users have searched on a local basis.” (Tweet This)

If you’re a retailer, or a services company with brick-and-mortar presence, mobile is probably more important for your customer acquisition efforts than for any other type of company. Users on their smartphones now expect to be served with information about the places around them.  If they can get to places quickly, they expect quick online access on command. Considerations here include an expanded emphasis on mobile SEO and contextual optimization for slow cellular networks.

6. Reduce Bounce Rate

“Mobile users are 10-20% more likely to bounce .” (via Rocket Fuel)

You already know discouraged website visitors are quick to jump ship. Mobile visitors are even more likely to do so — and as your percentage of total traffic tips toward majority mobile (if it’s not already there) your bounce rates are likely to rise. That is, unless you offset the effect by having a well-optimized mobile presence. Don’t send your mobile users straight into the arms of your biggest competitors!

To Conclude…

Optimized mobile websites reduce bounce rates and keep customers away from competing sites, creating loyal customers. More and more users are predominantly opting for mobile as they complete everyday online searches, so it’s important to create a positive user experience for your mobile site.

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