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Serena & Lily Curates An Ideal Online Customer Experience With Yottaa

Rapidly Expanding Lifestyle and Home Décor Brand Focuses on Cross-device Visitor Experience to Maximize Conversions and Customer Satisfaction

Chicago, IL—June 7, 2016—Yottaa, Inc., the leading SaaS acceleration platform for eCommerce, today announced at the 2016 Internet Retailer Conference & Exposition (IRCE) in Chicago that Serena & Lily, a fast growing lifestyle and home décor retailer with a fresh, California point of view, has standardized on Yottaa to maximize performance for its digital storefront and optimize the eCommerce experience for its customers.

Headquartered in Sausalito, CA, Serena & Lily has four retail locations and a rapidly growing eCommerce business. In a recent Architectural Digest interview, company Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer Serena Dugan explains that “One of the great things about this company is that we still make decisions from the gut. We have the flexibility to grow organically, and to take advantage of opportunities that come our way. With that in mind, my only personal vision for the brand is that it should continue to evolve and re-present itself as the opportunity and spark arises, with as few limiters put on it as possible.” In keeping with that vision, Serena & Lily sees Yottaa as an eCommerce optimization platform that will allow the brand to grow and evolve by creating a seamless user experience across any device and every visitor interaction.

Serena & Lily recently re-platformed on the Demandware eCommerce platform, and as a Demandware LINK Technology Partner, Yottaa provided a proven integrated eCommerce optimization solution. Yottaa’s ContextIntelligenceTM platform accelerates page rendering, creates an engaging, adaptive visitor experience, and eliminates gaps in the visitor experience that diminish customers’ perception of the brand or detract from their journey.

“Serena and Lilly is a rapidly-growing business in a highly competitive market,” said Chris Newman, Chief Operating Officer, Serena & Lily. “Our customers are sophisticated and savvy omni-channel consumers, and the brand we’ve built demands a consistently high level of performance that allows our designs and products to shine. Yottaa ensures that our product imagery and engaging site elements enhance the experience and engage users so they are delighted by their online experience, just like they are in store.”

Serena and Lily selected the Yottaa platform following a rigorous proof of concept evaluation. During this time, Serena and Lily’s web and mobile traffic was split between the Yottaa network and Demandware’s embedded CDN platform. At the end of the POC, Yottaa significantly outperformed the other CDN both in terms of acceleration speed and conversion rate improvement, as follows:

  • 52% Faster Page Loads
  • 10% Higher Conversion Rate

Serena and Lily leveraged Yottaa’s cloud application acceleration and security platform utilizing the following Yottaa solutions:

  • AdaptiveCDN allowed Yottaa to immediately integrate with the Demandware eCommerce platform, without changing code, and provides real-time asset management to eliminate global caching concerns for Serena and Lily’s fast-changing content.
  • InstantON™ accelerates the rendering of static content and images critical to display content to site visitors so Serena and Lily’s users are immediately presented with visual content on every page, eliminating experience gaps and keeping them engaged.
  • AppSequencing™ manages the order of execution for 1st and 3rd party assets, and, together with Yottaa’s ContextAgent™ in-browser library, responsively loads images to make even the most visually engaging (and heavy) pages immediately interactive.
  • ContextSafe™ extends application and infrastructure security beyond the data center to provide layered defense against performance-sapping Bots and protection from security threats including cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and DDoS attacks.

“Serena and Lily is a dynamic, engaging retailer that is dedicated to providing its customers with the very best experience online and in-store,” said Bob Buffone, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Yottaa. “By augmenting the Demandware platform with Yottaa, Serena and Lily is ensuring faster and better online and mobile experiences for its customers, while also providing a more secure online presence and establishing a strong foundation to further expand its growing fashion brand.”

About Yottaa
Yottaa is the leading SaaS acceleration platform for eCommerce. Through Yottaa’s patented ContextIntelligence™ architecture, online businesses can manage, accelerate, and secure end user experiences on all devices in real-time with zero code change. Many Internet Retailer 500 companies have adopted Yottaa’s platform to realize billions in incremental revenue through dramatic improvements across key performance and business metrics. To learn more about how Yottaa can maximize your users’ experience, please visit or follow @yottaa on Twitter.



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