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Patented Whole-Site Acceleration

with InstantONTM and AppSequencingTM

Yottaa Acceleration is a collection of patented technologies that combine to offer the fastest performance available for modern web and mobile applications.

The cornerstone of Acceleration is InstantON, a patented technology that improves the performance of any web application by an average of 40% over legacy CDN and ADN solutions by kickstarting the initial rendering process. InstantON effectively eliminates the latency that results when dynamic content is generated for elements like personalization, reviews, or third party tags. It works by using metadata about HTML page structure to automatically differentiate between static and dynamic elements, so the entire page can be optimized and cached.

Another key feature is AppSequencing, which prioritizes and sequences page content using pre-configured rules. The process works by breaking a web page into fragments that correspond to content areas consisting of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and images, then optimizing those individual fragments using a rules engine with heuristic machine learning, and finally prioritizing and sequencing their display in the client web browser.

Acceleration Features

  • InstantON dynamic site acceleration engine, for instant rendering of any page
  • AppSequencing DOM management engine, for complete control over every page element, even 3rd parties
  • ContextAgent™ browser intelligence engine, to drive the contextual optimizations
  • Real-time HTML parsing and transformation engine
  • Integrated FEO engine for compression, minification, concatenation etc.

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  • What these changes mean for CIOs and other technology leadership

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