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It’s been a wild few years for the mobile web. In a shockingly short span, the concept of “mobile experience optimization” has gone from being the domain of cutting edge firms to being something everyone, from lumbering multinational corporations to mom-and-pop shops, are losing their shirts over.


There’s a good deal of confusion about how to handle the sudden change.  After all, most companies invested heavily into a single-device digital presence, only to be told that it’s no longer sufficient because over 50% of traffic now comes from mobile. It’s a painful reality.

Thankfully there are experts out there who have lived and breathed the mobile web since the Blackberry era, and are helping companies manage the transition. We brought two of them together, along with Yottaa’s VP of Products Ari Weil, for a presentation called Mobile Right Now: What A Real Customer’s Mobile Experience Looks Like.


The guests are Adrian Mendoza, Co-founder of Marlin Mobile, a mobile experience monitoring service, and Doug Sillars, Principal Architect, ARO Outreach team at AT&T.  

Adrian and Doug provided vital guidance on how to improve your mobile experience including:


  • How to explore real mobile metrics on what the profile of a mobile customer looks like (i.e. network connectivity, signal strength, mobile performance by time of day, and even battery usage

  • How to leverage this data to better understand current optimization techniques for making your mobile app and website customers have a better mobile experience.

  • The performance pitfalls of mobile sites


Watch the recording of the video below or copy this link to share it!


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