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Yottaa's CEXi is a compound index that quantifies the desktop and mobile user experience of a web application far more accurately than any single metric. The CEXi combines objective, measurable aspects of performance, such as page load speed from both mobile and desktop simulations, with specific weighting calculations to provide online businesses with an overall performance score that simulates the actual feeling, positive or negative, of using their web applications for a modern, cross-device user.

The Customer Experience Index focuses on three aspects of web performance: speed, parity of experience (across devices), and how well a site is optimized in relation to its complexity.

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Actionable Web App Acceleration and Business Impact Analysis


Industry stats continue to highlight the need for a mobile-first mentality, deeply personalized content, and agile dev/deploy processes to keep your online presence fresh and differentiated. ImpactAnalytics leverages Yottaa’s proxy-based ContextIntelligence platform to provide

  • Real-time end user and traffic analytics with integrated site acceleration and error remediation tools
  • Comprehensive threat detection with integrated WAF actions to block, throttle or redirect traffic
  • Delivery, HTTP, and real browser monitoring with historical trend and fact analysis
  • Integrated alerts, issues notifications & inline actions
  • Log delivery service to integrate with your APM and SIEM tools


Download our whitepaper: Delivering Transformative User Experiences One Screen at a Time. You’ll learn:

  • Why legacy CDNs have fallen behind the curve of user behavior and web technology
  • What capabilities are required to make your application context-aware in order to deliver personalized experiences
  • What these changes mean for CIOs and other technology leaders

ImpactAnalytics™ is a purpose-built analytics platform from Yottaa that integrates with – and extends – your current web analytics service. The platform automatically layers performance data and issue detection into the set of metrics you already rely on to track your business success, enabling a singular view through the entire application chain: from performance metrics to user experience and behavior data, all the way to business impact.

The platform is also instrumental in Yottaa’s unique POC process, as it enables clear split testing of the ContextIntelligence platform versus any other web optimization or delivery configuration. By avoiding the noisy data that comes from comparing solutions across separate time spans, you can see exactly what impact the ContextIntelligence platform has on your user experience, speed and overall business.

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