Our global content delivery network (CDN) takes the pressure off of your infrastructure. Once the domain of big brands and big budgets, now anyone can gain the advantage. Designed specifically to accelerate today’s cutting edge websites and web applications, Yottaa CDN delivers your content from the server in its hybrid cloud network that’s closest to your visitor’s location. So not only is the load on your infrastructure reduced, but your visitor’s experience is dramatically enhanced.


  • Content caching and edge delivery

    Accelerate page load times and reduce load on your infrastructure by serving content from Yottaa’s network of 20+ globally-distributed data centers

  • Integration with any CDN

    Integrate seamlessly with your current configuration. Extend or replace Yottaa’s CDN with another content delivery network, based on your infrastructure and market requirements, in seconds

  • IP anycast routing

    Reduce network latency by redirecting requests and serving content from the closest geographic server



Yottaa CDN operates as a caching reverse HTTP proxy in order to offload image and other static asset delivery without having to modify the website itself. Simply point your DNS at Yottaa, and the Yottaa Network serves your whole site.

Yottaa automates the CDN provisioning and automatically manages the asset update and distribution. Unlike with other CDNs, there is no need to make code changes, and no need for manual asset upload to the CDN. Yottaa's whole site delivery eliminates this effort.

eBook: 10 Engagement Metrics Everyone Can Use

This free guide defines 10 critical user engagement metrics every business can use.  From metrics like pages per visit and bounce rate to conversion rate and average order value, this guide helps you identify user engagement metrics critical to improving your business.