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Yottaa's CEXi is a compound index that quantifies the desktop and mobile user experience of a web application far more accurately than any single metric. The CEXi combines objective, measurable aspects of performance, such as page load speed from both mobile and desktop simulations, with specific weighting calculations to provide online businesses with an overall performance score that simulates the actual feeling, positive or negative, of using their web applications for a modern, cross-device user.

The Customer Experience Index focuses on three aspects of web performance: speed, parity of experience (across devices), and how well a site is optimized in relation to its complexity.

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Three Seconds and your Shopper is Gone

You only have 3 seconds to grab the attention of your online shopper. Studies have shown that if a website page doesn’t load in 3 seconds, 57% of shoppers will move on to another site. After 8 seconds, 47% will not only leave, they will never return to your brand. And every second of reduced load time could get you a 7% increase in conversion.



Third Parties Are Revolutionizing eCommerce

Most eCommerce sites use up to 50 third party applications to provide richer experiences for their shoppers. These applications, such as live chat, personalization, ads, and social media channels, are essential in terms of building brand loyalty and engaging customers.

Third Parties Are Revolutionizing eCommerce

Third Parties = Slow Performance

While third party applications provide better shopper experiences, they also significantly affect the performance of eCommerce sites. Why? Today’s sophisticated retail websites are heavy with an average of 220 calls to 80 servers for every page.

Average Time Lost Per Day 1,900 Minutes

Yottaa: Accelerating eCommerce

Purpose-built to solve the performance challenges eRetailers face today, Yottaa’s eCommerce Acceleration solutions enable online businesses to significantly improve website performance across all devices resulting in higher conversions.

Time Saved Per Page 3.27 Seconds

eCommerce Acceleration Platform

Yottaa’s eCommerce Acceleration Platform enables online retailers to significantly accelerate website loading and improve end user experience resulting in dramatic online revenue increases

Combining proprietary “InstantOn” technology, application sequencing, 3rd party application control, and security, the Yottaa platform increases page load speed on all assets, pages, and devices instantly. Realtime alerts and analytics provide you the visibility and control needed to limit performance and scalability impacts due to 3rd parties or malicious traffic. The platform also offers Content Delivery Network services.

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Rapid CTRL

Yottaa’s Rapid CTRL allows you to have both great performance while providing engaging shopper experiences through rich third party applications and content.

Combining acceleration, third party control, actionable analytics, and simple deployment, Rapid CTRL enables you to accelerate, optimize, and sequence your site in a matter of hours. The end result is reduced third party violations, thousands of hours of time saved, and increased conversions.

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