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Yottaa's CEXi is a compound index that quantifies the desktop and mobile user experience of a web application far more accurately than any single metric. The CEXi combines objective, measurable aspects of performance, such as page load speed from both mobile and desktop simulations, with specific weighting calculations to provide online businesses with an overall performance score that simulates the actual feeling, positive or negative, of using their web applications for a modern, cross-device user.

The Customer Experience Index focuses on three aspects of web performance: speed, parity of experience (across devices), and how well a site is optimized in relation to its complexity.

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ContextSAFE Enterprise-grade Web Security

Yottaa provides layered internet security for web and mobile applications


  • In-line edge protection with Origin Shield
  • Blocking or throttling rules based on Geo, CIDR, or IP address
  • Rate controls to limit performance and scalability impacts from aggressive or malicious traffic
  • Real-time evaluation of traffic and requests against WAF rules
  • Intelligent serving of validated and cached content, while evaluating every request for dynamic data


Download our whitepaper: Web Application Security Requires In-Depth Context Intelligence. It covers:

  • How threats on the web have evolved
  • Why web application security is different from traditional web security
  • Various types of attacks and why they call for intelligent countermeasures
  • How to scale your approach to security
  • Yottaa’s 7-layer approach to strategic defense

Yottaa’s ContextSAFE™ security solution extends application and infrastructure security beyond the data center, raising the bar for attackers by reducing surface area for an attack and blocking attacks before they impact your business. It features a globally distributed layer 3-7 web application firewall (WAF) that provides real-time app and data protection, origin shielding and DDoS mitigation.

Together with Yottaa’s ContextIntelligence™ platform, ContextSAFE detects, identifies, and takes action to protect your infrastructure and your users from SQL injections, cross-site scripting, remote file inclusion and the impact of Denial-of-Service (DoS), Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS), and other application-layer attacks before they reach the origin. Our real-time analytics service inspects every HTTP and HTTPS request to continuously refine security rules for known attackers and attacks as they emerge.

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