The Yottaa Engagement Cloud is a SaaS platform that improves user engagement to increase conversions and revenue across your mobile and web sites. Our proprietary Context Intelligence technology senses a user’s location, browser, device, Internet connectivity, and in-page interaction to sequence application content delivery and display. The result is better performance and a dynamic, personalized experience that increases business performance.


Optimize Every Engagement

Your site visitors can come from over 200 combinations of device, operating system and browser, all with different capabilities and performance profiles. Yottaa's Engagement Cloud maximizes engagement on-the-fly, without coding or expensive infrastructure changes, resulting in faster, more engaging and more profitable solutions on every device, every browser, everywhere. 

Holistic Mobile Solution

Mobile devices generated nearly 24% of all web traffic in Q1 2013, and in the U.S. alone 25% of connected users rely on mobile devices. Still, 35% of mobile visitors prefer full websites because of mobile-specific usability problems. Yottaa's dedicated mobile optimizations maximize channel potential through dedicated mobile optimizations, monitoring, and analytics.


Immersion is critical to user engagement. Yottaa's application sequencing technology accelerates initial engagement and sequences content delivery and display to focus attention and create a sense of involvement as visitors flow through your site. This maintains the visitor's curiosity and interest in your offering, and encourages ongoing engagement in the form of additional pageviews, time on site, and conversions on any device, on any network, anywhere.

  • Engage users immediately

    Visitors can only interact with what they can see, so Yottaa optimizes page loads, delivering content just in time as users engage

  • Improve the perception of usability

    Render your high value content first, then sequence the delivery of dynamic, personalized elements, putting more emphasis on key calls to action

  • Maximize conversion potential

    Responsive applications provide a more enjoyable user experience, and encourage users to immerse themselves in your site, which means longer transactions, more pageviews, and increased conversions


Learn more about Yottaa's application sequencing technology.



Driving visitor engagement requires optimizing page performance for speed and responsiveness. But standalone front end optimization (FEO) solutions challenge cross-context optimization, cannot improve usability, and routinely introduce distractions that impact conversion potential. Yottaa's Context Intelligence platform implements FEO as a component of our holistic solution, maximizing efficiency and improving responsiveness safely and effectively. 


  • Improve site efficiency

    Speed page loading, lower network congestion, and prevent disruption by combining files, applying data URIs and more. Yottaa provides complete control over what is applied, and to which visitor context, so you can optimize every engagement

  • Increase interactivity and responsiveness

    Minimizing page weight improves both initial page load and subsequent transition times. Together with our profile-based optimizations and patented InstantON and RapidTag technologies, Yottaa ensures that FEO improves engagemet safely and effectively

  • Guarantee ongoing scalability

    The efficiency gained through FEO makes site delivery more efficient, which is important when success causes visitor traffic to surge. Together with Yottaa's hybrid network, we ensure a responsive, engaging experience as you grow

Learn more about Yottaa's front end optimization technology. 


User mobility is growing at an incredible pace, which enables visitors to browse your site from anywhere. Our federated CDN combines a network of cloud-based and physical data centers that minimize geographic latency to ensure immediate engagement. This globally-distributed, hybrid infrastructure can easily integrate with any CDN solution to leverage your existing investments while improving conversions with Yottaa's Context Intelligence Platform. 


  • Ensure immediate engagement across the globe

    CDN capability with integrated network optimization technology ensures your site visitors immediately engage with your site. Yottaa provides content caching and edge delivery from our network of more than 30 data centers, and can integrate with your existing CDN solution to protect your investment

  • Realize scale

    Online businesses are in constant competition to drive traffic to their sites in order to boost revenue. Yottaa combines physical datacenters with cloud servers to ensure elastic scalability on demand, so you can ensure a consistently high conversion rate as you grow

  • Choose your CDN

    Guaranteeing edge delivery to minimize latency is an industry-standard approach to ensuring responsiveness to minimize bounce rates. With Yottaa, you can leverage an existing investment in CDN technology and rest assured that you'll have the ongoing flexibility to manage your infrastructure as your business grows


Learn more about Yottaa's federated CDN.


You can't optimize conversions when your site is unavailable. Site disruptions don’t just cost you money in the form of lost productivity and emergency maintenance costs; they also reduce your ability to generate revenue by over 22% annually. Yottaa maximizes uptime, ensures elastic scalability and minimizes site errors so your site generates revenue 24x7.


  • Protect your assets

    The average Fortune 500 company experiences 80 hours of downtime per year, which translates to billions in lost revenue. Protect and accelerate user interaction and engagement with advanced, global DNS and SSL acceleration, and support for standard and extended-validation (EV) SSL certificates

  • Manage visitor access

    Malicious site traffic can have a destructive impact on performance and conversions across all of your site visitors. Yottaa provides an intuitive interface to blacklist, whitelist, or throttle traffic by IP address or CIDR block, geographic region, or user agent string

  • Traffic analytics and management

    Understanding site traffic is critical for maintaining a high level of service that maintains brand loyalty and nets repeat visitors. Yottaa’s traffic analytic capability provides insight into visitor traffic and allows you to take immediate action to ensure your business interests are protected.


Learn more about Yottaa's cloud firewall technology.


Yottaa's integrated testing and 24/7 monitoring and alerting capabilities allow you to maintain complete visibility of your mobile and web performance and user engagement. Our synthetic availability and user experience monitoring provides deep insight into your visitor flow and how end users are engaging with your site, proactively identifying problems, alerting you to any issues that challenge user engagement, and facilitating root cause diagnosis.


  • Holistic, actionable insights 

    Maximizing user engagement requires a holistic approach to optimization. Yottaa combines the business-centric metrics for conversions, retention, and revenue with the IT-centric web performance metrics for render, load, and interaction times so your business can maximize engagement

  • Unattended monitoring and alerting 

    Engagement starts with a great experience and leads to loyal visitors when you guarantee consistent performance, availability, and service. Yottaa provides unattended, 24x7 availability and user experience monitoring, and ensures you're alerted whenever availability or performance challenge a user's ability to engage with your site

  • Integrated multivariate testing

    Ensuring a consistently engaging experience from every location, on every network, device, browser, and viewport can be a difficult task. Yottaa integrates multivariate testing into our customer web portal to guarantee that you see what your visitors experience, and can quickly identify and eliminate barriers to conversion


Learn more about Yottaa's mobile and web monitoring and testing.


Enterprises are adopting mobile and web technologies because desktop solutions do not satisfy the needs of their customers any longer. But modernization is challenging given the sheer scale of assets and applications and the need to maintain reliability, performance, and cohesion. This often results in competing interests for business units and IT because of complex and deeply ingrained infrastructure and processes that are at odds with the agility and flexibility both internal and external customers demand.


  • Customizable optimization rules

    Enterprise application development and maintenance requires a mix of tried and true techniques and custom work that competitive differentiaors and innovations demand. Yottaa provides push-button, industry-standard optimizations with intuitive, flexible wizards that allow you to customize any rule to maximize the performance and engagement-potential of any code

  • Powerful integrations

    Every organization manages multiple tools across business units and teams, and develops processes for optimizing their efficiency. Yottaa allows you to maintain efficiency by integrating into any service oriented architecture via our REST API. Plus platform-specific add ons and extensions accelerate your platform, optimize your Heroku applications, and integrate into your existing APM dashboards

  • Built-in collaboration and team support

    Enterprise scale can be a boon for productivity, with readily-available resources there to support any new or ongoing initiative. But scale can also lead to sprawl and significant challenges to communication and collaboration. Yottaa integrates sharing, collaboration, and team management features into every aspect of our platform and portal UI to maximize efficiency 


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eBook: 10 Engagement Metrics Everyone Can Use

This free guide defines 10 critical user engagement metrics every business can use.  From metrics like pages per visit and bounce rate to conversion rate and average order value, this guide helps you identify user engagement metrics critical to improving your business.