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when prepaid annually. Monthly from $229/mo

  • Standard Optimizations
  • Accelerate 2.5M HTTP Requests
  • Trend User Experience from 2 Geographies
  • Compare Performance to 1 Competitor
  • SSL Security
  • Includes 75GB of Traffic





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when prepaid annually. Monthly from $699/mo
  • Intermediate Optimizations
  • Accelerate 10M HTTP Requests
  • Trend User Experience from 3 Geographies
  • Compare Performance to 3 Competitors
  • SSL Security
  • Includes 200GB of Traffic
  • Multi-region User Experience Insight







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  • Advanced Optimizations
  • Accelerate 250M HTTP Requests
  • Trend Global User Experience
  • Compare Performance to 5 Competitors
  • Dedicated & EV Security Available
  • Includes 5TB of Traffic
  • Global User Experience Insight
  • Global Server Load Balancing
  • Advanced Cloud Firewall
  • Team Support
  • 24x7 Response



If you're in a free trial, you get access to Yottaa's Basic package for 14 days. After 14 days, your account automatically reverts to Yottaa Community Edition, which provides insight into pages every 6 hours. There's no time limit on a Community Edition account, so use it to monitor your site's performance as long as you'd like!

Yottaa Professional Services packages ensure every project is a success.  Click here to learn more.

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Jim Wendt

"By having a faster website we've been able to increase conversion rates and more traffic than ever is coming to the site."

- Jim Wendt

eCommerce Marketing Manager at Big Train

Douglas Squirrel

"Being on Yottaa means that we know if we advertise on a mass market television program, Yottaa will scale to meet it…and we will have no problems handling that load."

- Douglas Squirrel

VP of Engineering at Secret Sales

Rob Roy

"Our rapid growth has been difficult to manage, but the move to Yottaa has been one of the few things that's gone flawlessly and has exceeded expectations - it's made a massive difference to the web side of our business."

- Rob Roy
eCommerce Platform Manager at LifeProof


Bob Leaper

"We don't want to have a reputation that our corporate website is slow, it could set the wrong impression that our actual service offering is slow. On Yottaa we see load times under 2 seconds around the world."

- Bob Leaper

VP Sales & Marketing at Eagle Investment Systems


eBook: 10 Engagement Metrics Everyone Can Use

This free guide defines 10 critical user engagement metrics every business can use.  From metrics like pages per visit and bounce rate to conversion rate and average order value, this guide helps you identify user engagement metrics critical to improving your business.