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Dynamic HTML Acceleration for Any Web Application

Yottaa is an open, adaptive CDN that manages, optimizes and secures web applications. InstantON is one of several patented Edge Actions that drive automated optimizations from our cloud infrastructure. InstantON improves the performance of any web application by jumpstarting the initial rendering process and eliminating latency resulting from dynamic content generation, whether its in-app personalization or third party tags.   

InstantON uses metadata about HTML page structure to automatically differentiate between static and dynamic elements on any given page.  The page is then fragmented to separate the static, cacheable elements from the dynamic elements that are replaced with placeholders so the entire page can be optimized and then cached. This dramatically increases First Byte transfer times by breaking the critical rendering path, and improves Page Load and fully Displayed Times by 40% beyond other web acceleration solutions.

InstantON provides a number of benefits to IT organizations and the businesses they support:

  • Break the critical rendering path: Increase Start Render times by 40% or greater, continuously and across your web application
  • Maximize cache hit ratio: Eliminate dynamic data dependencies and ensuring a constant cache refresh cycle that does not create bottlenecks in page performance or user experience
  • Automate cache management: Guarantee the most recent assets are always in cache and asset purges or cache versioning dependencies

Together with InstantON, Yottaa provides additional cloud-native web application acceleration technologies, including:

  •        Edge Logic & Caching
  •        Instant Cache Management
  •        HTML & Asset Compression
  •        CSS & JS Minification
  •        Domain Sharding & Parallelization

Are you ready for dynamic app acceleration?