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Exceed SLAs for Uptime, Speed and Security using Yottaa's powerful & flexible platform

Patented technologies accelerate & improve channel execution

Reduce Infrastructure Cost

  • Offload 70-90% of traffic to Yottaa's network to reduce load, improve server efficiency, and reduce cost.
  • Increase thresholds before having to reinvest in expanding server footprints to accommodate global expansion or increased traffic.
  • If/when your customer is expanding their application infrastructure, you can make location decisions based on economic or legal imperatives, rather than geographic proximity.

Refine Your Product Feature Deployment Process

  • With Yottaa, LOB has the ability to incorporate IT standards into new initiatives using self service controls.
  • Improve DevOps processes without sacrificing standards, performance or time to market.

Maximize Uptime

  • Maximize end-user experience under planned or unplanned outage conditions.
  • Protect critical applications from DDoS attacks and other vulnerabilities and demonstrate compliance.
  • Detect and remediate infrastructure issues without compromising EU experience.
  • Enable auto scaling and fault tolerance through intelligent traffic management.
  • Maximize and exceed SLAs for uptime, speed and secruity without requiring extensive human intervention, troubleshooting or making changes to the current infrastructure.

Enhance Security

  • Protect critical applications from DDoS attacks and other vulnerabilities and demonstrate compliance.
  • Implement enterprise-grade security from the cloud, operated and managed 24x7 by security experts, including your own custom security rules.
Jim O

"We ship code so fast that if we have errors on those pages that could be impeding that marketer's experience, so the Yottaa tools truly give us that visibility down to the end user level across the globe.”

— Jim O'Neill, CIO | HubSpot

Dmitry Rapoport

"We needed a solution that goes beyond CDN technologies. Of the vendors we considered, only Yottaa could deliver these capabilities along with enterprise-class security, reliability, and e-commerce and technical expertise required by a retailer of our size."

— Dmitry Rapoport, CTO & Sr. VP of Technology | PCM

Dave Stanley

"Yottaa helps us with the scalability and performance by allowing us to offset about 80 percent of the bandwidth that would normally be hitting our production box. What’s most interesting is that we’re actually seeing better site performance in one production box now than when we had in the past with two production machines with a load balancer”

— Dave Stanley, VP Sales and Marketing | Hobbytown

Dan Ashbridge

"Before, the speed issue just took priority over everything else. Now with Yottaa we can now take a step back and look at the bigger picture of what the mobile app is, and how it works. It frees us up to push the mobile experience as far as we can.”

— Dan Ashbridge, Director of eCommerce | Pure Romance

Find out how you can exceed SLAs with Yottaa.