Yottaa named a "2016 Digital Power Player" by Website Magazine

Website Magazine selected companies to its 2016 Digital Power Player list based on their ability to “help accelerate the success of their users through product innovation, client education, reliable service, and easy-to-use features that help Web professionals create, power, optimize, and analyze their digital presence.”

Yottaa was selected as a Digital Power Player in the “Performance” category in this year’s listing. In an article about the 2016 Digital Power Players, Amberly Dressler, Managing Editor of Website Magazine, states that performance is a critical success factor for online businesses as it is “one of the foundations of Web success, how a company’s digital properties perform on a technical level (e.g. availability, speed) is vital to a company’s reputation, the likeliness of conversions and repeat business and even high search rankings.”

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About Yottaa

For every user, every device, every context

Our mission & vision

Yottaa was founded in 2009 by veteran technologists who saw two major trends on a collision course. On one hand, the founders saw that what we called “websites” were in fact becoming online applications: locations that were complex, distributed, and broad in scope of functionality. On the other hand, they saw that advancing mobile technology was leading end users to access these applications on new and different devices in addition to, and even in place of, their PCs.

Today, businesses still struggle to provide optimal digital experiences thanks to the continuing rise in complexity of apps and the requirement to deliver them to smaller and slower devices. As a result, end users’ expectations for online experiences now far outstrip the reality of what is delivered to them. We call this discrepancy the “experience gap.”

Yottaa’s mission is to help online businesses close the experience gap with an intelligent SaaS platform that manages, controls, and optimizes end-user experiences anywhere and on any device.


Our story

Yottaa was founded in 2009 by two veterans of the enterprise application industry, Coach Wei and Bob Buffone. They saw that the current model of bit delivery would not be able to cope with the massive changes taking place online. At the time, application delivery firmly resided in the IT arena, but Bob and Coach recognized that application performance was becoming an enterprise-wide concern. They sought to build a holistic app optimization solution that would bridge those gaps and drive success across entire businesses.

Yottaa has raised $29m in funding from leading venture firms General Catalyst Partners, Stata Venture Partners, and Intel Capital Partners. We’ve grown our team to include executives with deep experience in application performance management, network optimization, video streaming, and SaaS. The company now employs over 80 people, mostly based in our corporate headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts, near Boston.

We spent years building patented technology, and in November 2013 we launched the full Yottaa platform. Since then we’ve grown to over 200 customers, including members of the Fortune 500, Internet Retailer 500, and media and publishing companies. We work with IT-focused organizations like PCM, a major electronics retailer and service provider, as well as traditional line-of-business companies like Moosejaw. Our roots in IT ensure that our solution helps our customers’ IT teams to maintain standards and improve efficiency, while our constant focus on end-user experience means we enable marketing, sales, and other line-of-business teams to innovate faster and achieve more with their applications by eliminating compromises.

More than anything else, we’re proud to say that our customers experience phenomenal results. Applications on Yottaa see an increase in conversions of 20% on average, coupled with improvement in metrics like average order value, bounce rate, and session duration. Results like these have shown that our mission remains as important as ever.

Nearly every company doing business online sees an experience gap, and one by one we’re helping them close it. Optimize web and mobile apps to maximize user experience with Yottaa


Our people & culture

The employees at Yottaa are drawn to world-changing technology. Our people thrive from seeing our customers’ success grow in real time and building technology to enable that growth. At the core, our people are rooted in the mantra of LTV – we want our customers to Love, Trust, and Value us. Our technology is fantastic — patented, award-winning, novel — but from our perspective, none of that matters if we’re not helping our customers drive their businesses forward with real, tangible gains.

"Yottaa helped us to significantly speed up performance on devices resulting in a much better experience for our customers."

- Dan Pingree, VP of Marketing, Moosejaw

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