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eCommerce leaders face a “tug of war” when it comes to web performance. On one hand, they are facing competitive pressure to stay innovative, build new features, and provide rich and engaging online shopper experiences.

To do so, they must deploy 3rd party technologies, which have been proven to significantly slow page load times. On the other hand, they are also being told to speed up their websites or shoppers will leave in droves resulting in lost revenue.

This report examines the current state of eCommerce web performance with direct feedback from 125 eCommerce Leaders.

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Online Medical Supply Retailer Accelerates Growth, Furthers Customer Engagement with Yottaa

Medical Supply Depot |

Last updated on June 1st, 2017

A Customer Experience Challenge

In 2005, Meir Tsinman founded Medical Supply Depot with a vision: a customer-centric, online medical supply and equipment provider. The company has grown steadily since, and for three consecutive years, has been named to the Inc. 5000, a list of the fastest growing companies in America. Success at Medical Supply Depot is defined by a company-wide dedication to customers, and this focus has helped make inroads into both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.

Medical Supply Depot customers enjoy access to an expansive product inventory, expedient delivery services and top-tier customer support. Every Medical Supply Depot customer, whether they are a large healthcare institution or an individual patient, receives a dedicated level of attention.

Therefore, when it was discovered that sluggish user experiences were alienating online customers, fixing the problem became an urgent matter. “One of the difficulties in running an online store is that customer expectations are very high, and rightfully so. Our customers are a click away from the competition and the slow user experience on our website was a problem we needed to fix,” explains Meir Tsinman.

Yottaa Beats the Competition

Medical Supply Depot analyzed the marketplace for the best solution. Traditional content delivery network players were given a thorough examination but came up short. “We evaluated every solution in the marketplace,” says Tsinman. “The other companies were simply not of the same caliber as Yottaa.”

Yottaa works to optimize applications in real time, based on an end-user’s context, including location, device, and connection speed. On Yottaa, user experience for Medical Supply Depot’s customers improved dramatically. No longer were customers frustrated by a slow site, instead performance improvements powered higher levels of user engagement. Moreover, the decision to implement Yottaa was made easier with trial data. Split-testing results proved a clear ability for Yottaa to deliver business impact and provide return-on-investment.

Medical Supply Depot: Results On Yottaa

  • 9% Increase in Conversions
  • 13% Decrease in Bounce Rate
  • 50% Increase in Time-on-Site
  • Page Load Time: Improved from 6-8 seconds to 3 seconds on average

Medical Supply Depot founder, Meir Tsinman, is confident in his decision to choose Yottaa. “Working with Yottaa was a great experience,” concludes Meir Tsinman. “I highly recommend Yottaa to anyone looking for a modern CDN solution.”

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