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eCommerce leaders face a “tug of war” when it comes to web performance. On one hand, they are facing competitive pressure to stay innovative, build new features, and provide rich and engaging online shopper experiences.

To do so, they must deploy 3rd party technologies, which have been proven to significantly slow page load times. On the other hand, they are also being told to speed up their websites or shoppers will leave in droves resulting in lost revenue.

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Fathead Increases Revenue-per-Visitor 16% on Responsive Design Site

Fathead |

Last updated on June 1st, 2017

Fathead’s Repsonsive Design Challenge

To accommodate mobile shoppers, Fathead, a web-only seller of life-sized wall graphics, leveraged a responsive design strategy. Responsive design worked to re-size Fathead’s app for mobile users, but load times were unacceptably slow. The issue stemmed from Fathead’s heavy desktop application being downloaded and re-formatted across weak mobile networks and onto less powerful devices. Slow load times, especially for mobile shoppers, were hurting Fathead’s bottom line; they needed a solution fast.

Yottaa Optimizes Fathead’s Responsive Design Application

Yottaa transforms pages in real time and prioritizes page content to be lighter, speeding up time-to-interact with the user dramatically (a key factor for online retailers to engage with shoppers). In trial, Fathead saw that Yottaa optimized were quicker to load, especially on mobile, and user engagement was improved markedly.

“This technology attacks the fundamental flaw in responsive design, which is sending everything and then hiding a bunch of stuff,” says Michael Layne, director of Internet marketing at Fathead. “It looks at the viewport first and says, ‘Tell me what you need.’”

Fathead’s Results with Yottaa

With Yottaa, Fathead saw immediate improvement in application performance and end user engagement.

Results for Fathead’s Responsive Design Site with Yottaa:

  • 37% Decrease in Page Load Time
  • 53% Decrease in Page Weight
  • 16% Increase in Revenue-per-Visitor

A 16% increase in revenue-per-visitor signals a major user engagement win for Fathead, and Layne is confident the company is better positioned for mobile commerce heading into the holidays. Moreover, in less than a month, Fathead’s revenue increase covered the costs of onboarding with Yottaa.


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