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Coke, SodaStream & the 13 Websites That Crashed During Super Bowl 2013

Bob Buffone Published: Feb 04, 2013


shutterstock_219244513The Superdome losing power wasn't only the major outage of Super Bowl XLVII. Thirteen - that's right, thirteen - Super Bowl advertisers' websites went down for this year's #BurstBowl. Last Friday, we put out predictions for which websites we thought would crash. We accurately predicted with three out of our five picks (boo ya!). So let's take a look at the biggest busts of the night.


13 Websites That Crashed During Super Bowl 2013

CokeCoke #BurstBowl Website Performance in North America

Coke #BurstBowl Website Performance by U.S. Cities


We predicted Coke as the #1 most likely website to crash last Friday. It turned out to be a good call on our part, as Coke had the worst performance of the night by far. Coke took an interactive approach to their commercial, directing users to vote for the ending at However, had a page load time average of 62 seconds - which was longer than their entire commercial! Since users expect websites to load in 2 seconds or less, they were not very happy. Hundreds of tweets from angry users came flooding in.



To make matters worse, Coke's main U.S. homepage only had 92% uptime for the night! This marks the second straight Super Bowl where Coke's website(s) has crashed. Can Coke learn from their mistakes or will they be having a 3-peat next year?



SodaStream #BurstBowl Website Performance in North America SodaStream #BurstBowl Website Performance by U.S. Cities


SodaStream created a lot of buzz with their ad showcasing their cool soda maker. Millions rushed to their website to check out more of the product. The surge in traffic instantly caused a spike in performance by 5 seconds! Soon enough, tweets came rolling in that the website was unavailable.



The Super Bowl advertiser rookie was unprepared for the burst in traffic and left many prospective customers with more to be desired.


Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein #BurstBowl Website Performance


GoDaddy wasn't the only Super Bowl advertiser to play off sex appeal in their advertisement, as Calvin Klein featured male models in nothing but their underwear. Users flocked to the website to see more of the, ahem - "product", but many were left disappointed as they could not access the website.



The website's performance increased by only 1 second over the ensuing hours, but a 1-second delay can decrease conversions by 7%! When it comes to the magnitude and scale of an event like the Super Bowl, every millisecond counts.



Axe #BurstBowl Website Performance


Axe launched one of the most buzzworthy ads of the night, as they are sending someone to space. Millions of aspiring (or wannabe) astronauts headed to and to enter for their chance to win. The website, though, had a failure to launch. Houston, we have a problem. The website Axe sent people to,, only had 88% uptime for the night and their homepage,, was only up for 93% of the time.



The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead #BurstBowl Website Performance


The Walking Dead's website turned into a ghost town (see what we did there?) during the game, just like we said it would last week. Even though they did not have a dedicated advertisement, they were featured in the Time Warner Cable commercial. Inconsistent performance over the past few weeks (pictured above) tells the whole story. A large number of requests (274) and page download size (3.5MB) resulted in the site being up for only 94% of the time all night.


Got Milk?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson couldn't save the Got Milk? website from the attack its website took from traffic last night. As we predicted, Got Milk?'s Breakfast Blitz at came crashing down during the Super Bowl. There was no major performance decrease, but its availability spiked downward, staying up only 94% of the time.


Movies (The Lone Ranger, Fast and Furious 6, and Star Trek)

Fast and Furious 6 #BurstBowl Website Performance


Over the past two years, movie websites have not performed too well. Last year, Act of Valor was the only movie website that crashed during the Super Bowl. This year, however, there were three: The Lone Ranger, Fast and Furious 6, and Star Trek. The Lone Ranger was the first ad up, and although its page load time stayed consistent, its uptime wasn't at 93%. Fast and Furious 6 was up next, and its performance took a massive hit after the airing of its commercial, more than doubling its page load time with only 97% uptime. The last one of the night, Star Trek, had the best performance out of the group with 98% uptime.


Iron Man #BurstBowl Website Performance


It's also interesting to point the performance of Iron Man. Though the website did not experience any outages or downtime, the website slowed down significantly - from 7.5 seconds to 20+ seconds, 3x as slow!


Cars (Audi, Hyundai, and Chrysler)

Hyundai #BurstBowl Website Performance


Audi was featured in the first commercial break of the night, and did not have any major outages, but had 1% of downtime - enough to include them on our list of crashers. Hyundai aired directly after Audi's advertisement, and maintained steady performance for a while. But later on in the night, the website became 2.5x slower and only had 98% uptime. The last of the group, Chrysler, ended up having the worst downtime of the group - a whopping total of 200+ outages recorded from our sample, which amounted to 93% uptime.



With the launch of the new, sleek Blackberry 10, users ventured to the website to check out the new gadget. The page is heavy in assets (3.5MB) and requests (143) - which puts it in the bottom 5% of all websites. The site maintained 97% uptime throughout the night.


Steps to Prevent Downtime in a Traffic Spike

Super Bowl advertisers need to be better prepared with their website performance and infrastructure to handle the burst in traffic they get after their ad airs. Here's a simple checklist they can use to improve their performance:


  • Reduce the number of assets and asset weight to create smaller, more lightweight pages with faster page load times
  • Use website performance monitoring to stay on top of any issues your website may be having 24x7
  • Enlist a CDN to better reach your users geographically across the world and offload the majority your traffic
  • Perform live load testing of your expected traffic, as it is the only way to gauge your actual performance under heavy load.


Did you experience any downtime or outages with one of the advertisers' websites? Let us know in the comments!


To check out the full results, you can head over to #BurstBowl.

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