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18 Site Performance Metrics You Should Care About [Webinar Video]

Alex Pinto Published: Nov 06, 2012

describe the imageYottaa is excited to be hosting a series of webinars with our good friends at Jirafe, the e-commerce analytics softare provider.  (In the first webinar we covered 11 ways you can speed up your site.) For the second webinar in the series, Jesse Middleton from Jirafe joined Bob Buffone and Ilya Mirman from Yottaa to discuss a variety of site performance metrics that we think website owners everywhere should be keeping tabs on. 

We covered:

1. What each metric means for your website

2. The effect it can have your visitors' experience

3. Average figures for each from our survey of thousands of websites so you can benchmark your own site against the rest of the web

Here's a video of the presentation in its entirety:

Details on the next webinar from Yottaa and Jirafe are coming soon!

Alex Pinto

Alex is a writer by training and marketer by trade, currently managing digital marketing at Yottaa. Writing here at the intersection of user experience, app performance, and conversion optimization. Summer = an unfortunate break between ski seasons.