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Web and Mobile Application Optimization Benefits and ROI


Slow pages are the number one complaint from users of the mobile web.  And for desktop users, Amazon showed that every 100 milliseconds of latency lost them 1% in sales, while Walmart demonstrated conversion rate increases of 2% for every second of load time improvement. Performance is the number one factor in user experience, and user experience impacts the bottom line of your business.

Patented InstantON™ technology ensures pages load fast. It starts rendering pages immediately, even before dynamic content has been delivered to the browser.  With Yottaa, users have a positive experience from the moment they access the page, free from slowdowns, stalls, or errors.  The experience carries through the entire visit, with consistently fast page transitions.



User engagement goes beyond just speed. AppSequencing™ prioritizes the sequence of content rendering based on a collection of contextual information including on-page interaction, device type, screen size, browser version, network connection, and location.  This improves the perception of speed — a key facet of performance — and promotes a seamless and interactive on-page experience.


Business Impact

ImpactAnalytics™ offers the ability to quantify, measure, and demonstrate Yottaa's business value in real time.  This eliminates guesswork or errors from time-based comparisons in favor of precise and equivalent measurements of end user experience and business performance.  With ImpactAnalytics™ unlock the full potential of Yottaa's InstantOn™ and AppSequencing™ by split testing configuration options and testing them in real time.


Overall Quality of Experience

Behind Yottaa is the ContextIntelligence™ architecture.  It's a rules engine and machine-learning platform that automates optimization and drives the actions of InstantON™ and AppSequencing™.  ContextIntelligence collects information about the context of site visitors and automatically tunes optimization rules in real time to match established patterns.  With ContextIntelligence™, ongoing hand-configuration of the Yottaa platform is an option, not a necessity.  You will see web and mobile application optimization benefits and ROI, and End users will see the best possible presentation of your site, every time.


Customer Success Story

The Home Decorating Company, a leading home products website, saw a boost in site engagement and revenue after partnering with Yottaa.

Web and Mobile Application Optimization Benefits and ROI - Faster Mobile Application Loading


42% faster Time to Display

Web and Mobile Application Optimization Benefits and ROI - ROI of WPO


5.8% decrease in Bounce Rate

Web and Mobile Application Optimization Benefits and ROI - End-User Experience

Business Impact

16.7% higher Conversion Rate

Web and Mobile Application Optimization Benefits and ROI - Application User Engagement


Time on Site up 8.4%

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