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Yottaa Manages, Tunes And Secures Web Applications

A cloud platform to automate user experience optimization with no code changes

What Is Yottaa?

Yottaa provides a platform called ContextIntelligence™ that offers delivery, acceleration, security, and analytics for web and mobile web applications. The platform dynamically adapts to changing network, application, and end-user conditions.

Top retailers, media companies, and other web-focused businesses rely on Yottaa to help improve the experience on every page and for every user – regardless of device, connection speed, or the complexity of the page.

With faster, smoother, and more dependable web experiences, Yottaa customers see dramatic increases in engagement and business impact. Improvements in bounce rate, session duration, average order value, and conversion rate are proven through our ImpactAnalytics™ methodology.


How It Works

Adaptive CDN delivery

Yottaa's AdaptiveCDN™ uses a federated architecture to leverage optimal global infrastructure based on content, geography, and end user context. Learn more.

Web App Acceleration with InstantON and AppSequencing

InstantON™ and AppSquencing™ are patented technologies that accelerate the modern web, solving for challenges like slow mobile networks, third-party content, and rich media.  Learn more.

ContextSAFE Yottaa Security

Our ContextSAFE™ solution detects, identifies, and takes action to protect your infrastructure and your users from attacks with a global layer 3-7 web application firewall. Learn more.

ImpactAnalytics service

ImpactAnalytics™ provides a unified view of web analytics, marrying performance data with user engagement and conversion data. Learn more.

Organizational Benefits

Yottaa unites line of business and technology teams for faster innovation. With Yottaa, various teams are free develop and deliver new features and content without compromising IT standards, risking performance issues, or putting additional strain on infrastructure.

Application Performance - Bollman Hat Company

"With Yottaa, we are able to create a secure, visually appealing site without sacrificing performance. Both our marketing and IT teams are better equipped to create a remarkable web experience for our customers.”

— Chris Tanner, Director of eCommerce | Bollman Hat Company

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