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Month: July 2017

Building a great experience for both desktop and mobile presents an interesting problem. Mobile shoppers tend to have shorter attention spans, and thus need a faster experience relative to desktop shoppers. Yet building a fast site is more challenging on mobile, given the wide variation in network connection, processing power, and screen size. Historically, the […]

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Growth Driven by Increased Adoption of the Company’s eCommerce Acceleration Platform and New Customers Wins in European and B2B Markets Waltham, MA—July 18, 2017—Yottaa, the leading cloud platform for accelerating eCommerce, today announced outstanding second quarter performance across all operational areas of the company, including sales, marketing, engineering, cloud operations, and customer success. For Q2 […]

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Reports are already touting the success of Amazon’s Prime Day (still in process), forecasting that they will bring in more than $2B in revenue from this 30-hour promotion. Amazon is upstaging even Hallmark in their ability to drive revenue from invented holidays.   But Prime Day hasn’t been without its hiccups.  This morning Internet Retailer […]

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