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Month: March 2017

Last updated on March 30th, 2017Waltham, MA—March 28, 2017—Yottaa, Inc., the leading SaaS platform for accelerating eCommerce, today announced that The Container Store, the nation’s leading retailer of storage and organization products, has selected the Yottaa platform to optimize performance and security for its eCommerce site. Alongside its nationwide, in-store business, The Container Store has a […]

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Last updated on October 3rd, 2017Every new eCommerce report seems required to offer their own forecast on the pending death of brick and mortar stores. So I was surprised by the recent Accenture 2017 Consumer Survey (short registration required) about Generation Z buying behavior. Accenture found that these shoppers actually likes purchasing in stores. In […]

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New Product Helps Online Retailers Improve Website Speed And Increase Conversion Rates Waltham, MA—March 15, 2017—Yottaa, Inc., the leading SaaS platform for accelerating eCommerce, today launched Rapid CTRL, a new solution to help online retailers improve web performance by better managing and sequencing third party eCommerce applications. In a recent study on the impact of […]

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Last updated on October 3rd, 2017The best eCommerce shopping experiences today aren’t built on one single technology. They can’t be. Customers expect a shopping experience that connects with them. An experience that is easy, personalized, and seamless across all locations and devices, and can be shared with friends and family. And the only way to […]

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