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Month: December 2015

More companies are relying on the convenience of content delivery networks (CDNs) to facilitate the delivery of content more seamlessly to website visitors around the world. But setting up and configuring a CDN comes with its own share of potential mishaps if companies don’t fully understand how to properly set up and configure a CDN […]

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With the upcoming sunset of the SHA-1 cryptographic hash function, there has been some concern about cutting off users from access to the benefits of the web. It should be noted that the number of internet users who will be affected is an exceedingly small number – despite assertions like the following from Cloudflare CEO […]

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Last updated on March 1st, 2016According to Computerworld, Marketing-IT alignment is no. 4 on the list of top technology disruptors to keep on your radar in 2016. At Yottaa, we’ve done more than keep an eye on this emerging trend. It is a frequent topic on our blog and every day we help customers leverage technology and marketing-IT […]

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Last updated on December 14th, 2015America’s Oldest Flour Company Improves End User Engagement and Online Conversion Rates Via the Yottaa Platform Waltham, MA—December 7, 2015— Yottaa, the leading cloud platform for optimizing web and mobile applications, today announced that King Arthur Flour, America’s oldest flour company and premier baking resource, has selected Yottaa to optimize, […]

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