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Month: May 2013

How to improve web and mobile app metrics  Web performance optimization (WPO) is the science of making webpages load faster, in order to provide a better experience to the user.  It follows, then, that the best metric for assessing performance is to determine ? you guessed it! ? how long it takes for […]

Read More is the main company site and eCommerce portal for LifeProof, a company that  designs, manufactures and markets elegant cases for Smartphones and Tablets that offer protection and full functionality in water, mud, dirt, or snow.  

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Your website is slow, and you’re wondering why.  Your images could be the problem. Here’s how to find out if it’s what’s ailing you – and your site visitors! Convinced it’s not your images? Check out our other posts: Why Your Website is Slow: Poor JavaScript Performance and Why Your Website is Slow: Poor First/Last […]

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Yottaa and our friends at Amazon Web Services recently teamed up for a webinar that discusses in detail the performance challenges of today?s web, and how to overcome them.  We?d like to thank all our attendees ? we had some great dialogue and it turned out to be Yottaa’s best-attended webinar yet! If you couldn’t attend […]

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We?re excited to announce the launch of Yottaa Benchmark as a feature in our Yottaa Monitor service! Yottaa Benchmark is the simplest way to compare the performance of your website or web application against competitors. Yottaa Benchmark includes data visualization that enables performance pros and neophytes alike to trace performance data from high-level trending down […]

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Click Here to Read ?Crash Course in SaaS App Web Performance Part #1: Monitoring Trending Data? In part #1, we covered the basics of collecting and analyzing trending data for performance of SaaS applications. This involves setting up monitors for several pages within your SaaS app. The monitors collect data by regularly visiting the page […]

Read More is the corporate website of Eagle Investment Systems, a technology provider for the investment management community and a subsidiary of BNY Mellon.

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The top eCommerce sites in the world are 22% slower than they were last year. That’s bad.Because a customer’s ideal page load time is less than 3 seconds, and today’s top eCommerce sites take on average 7.25 seconds. The reason? Websites are becoming more complex. At Yottaa, we see it every day. eCommerce sites in particular are heavier and more interactive, […]

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