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Yottaa's CEXi is a compound index that quantifies the desktop and mobile user experience of a web application far more accurately than any single metric. The CEXi combines objective, measurable aspects of performance, such as page load speed from both mobile and desktop simulations, with specific weighting calculations to provide online businesses with an overall performance score that simulates the actual feeling, positive or negative, of using their web applications for a modern, cross-device user.

The Customer Experience Index focuses on three aspects of web performance: speed, parity of experience (across devices), and how well a site is optimized in relation to its complexity.

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Month: January 2013

These days, web pages make nearly universal use of Javascript to deliver a richer experience.  But have you ever wondered what the impact of those Javascripts on performance might be? (I have!) Well, because Yottaa’s web monitoring service monitors tens of thousands of web sites and has accumulated a database of tens of millions of web […]

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eCommerce sites have it pretty hard when it comes to web performance. Whereas most sites can cache a majority of pages, the typical eCommerce web site updates product pages regularly, and some even create customized pages that are unique to each visitor. This prevents these sites from benefitting from the huge performance boost offered by […]

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When optimizing your site for performance, there are three main types of front end optimization techniques you want to use: Techniques that reduce the number of requests Techniques that reduce the overall size of the content Techniques that promote parallelization (i.e. simultaneous download of assets) In this post I?ll cover the impact of one technique […]

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